Leadership Lessons From The Pub: Harnessing The Power Of Emotional Intelligence To Build A Fully Engaged Workplace

Leadership is a noble calling that requires courage. It is not for the faint of heart. Stepping forward and putting yourself on the line takes a toll. Success lies in going inward to explore and expand your emotional intelligence, which is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. The end result is thriving relationships which are at the core of great leadership.

This book was born out of the unique Irish wisdom Irvine Nugent learned growing up in his family’s pub in Northern Ireland. Journey through Ireland’s rich pub culture and back to the boardrooms and offices of the organizations you lead or manage. It’s a journey into the struggles and joys of leadership that will show you how to harness the power of your emotions to have deeper connections, make better decisions, and increase your influence.



“Irvine Nugent’s Leadership Lessons from the Pub offers a refreshing new look at Emotional Intelligence that fills a critical gap. In his page turning account of his father’s pub, bombed in the Northern Irish conflict and rebuilt, he shares deep lessons he learned since early childhood about leadership. Laced with humor and incisive understanding of the human psyche, Nugent explains how self-awareness, emotion regulation, empathy and community engagement are critical leadership skills needed by every organization.”

— Helen Riess, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Author: The Empathy Effect

“As soon as you begin this book you’ll be captivated by the opening story, then transformed by the unique way Irvine reveals powerful leadership lessons from the qualities of the Irish pub where he grew up.”

— Michael Hauge, Hollywood story expert and business coach, Author: Storytelling Made Easy

“The soul of leadership reveals itself in times of crisis. Until that moment, the ideas of leadership are strong and culturally important. Bumps and bruises along the way form greater leadership spirit and strength but not the true demonstration of leadership. The soul of leadership is revealed in many of the thoughts of this book. It is a gift to the reader.”

— Tom Searcy, CEO of Hunt Big Sales and coauthor of bestsellers Whale Hunting and How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett

“Take this journey through the fascinating world of an Irish pub and learn powerful lessons about leadership. I look forward to my next visit to the pub, discovering the Irish charm that Irvine shared here.”

— Brigadier General Jeffrey W. Foley, (US Army, retired), author of BRAVE Business Leadership

“Whether you are a faculty member, coach, tech manager, or anyone interested in learning more about leadership or teaching others, this book is a perfect read. Dr. Nugent is a captivating storyteller and approaching leadership through the lens of emotional intelligence is particularly effective. “Lessons from the Pub” is compelling and engaging and will be a book I broadly share. After you finish reading this book, maybe you and a friend will want to stop in a pub to consider some of what you’ve learned!”

— Sue Borrego, Ph.D. Professor School of Education and Human Services, former Chancellor at the University of Michigan Flint

“As a seasoned policy and major account sales Director in the pharmaceutical industry with 28 years of experience, I’ve had the benefit of several years of leadership, negotiation, management and sales training. Irvine has found a wonderful way to use his life experience and lessons learned from Irish pub management to serve up several important lessons in a relatable and memorable fashion where his training in coaching and emotional intelligence is evident. I recently found myself in a work situation where I was overworked, overtired and frustrated by a lack of direct authority on a tough but meaningful project I was assisting with. I became triggered and was grateful to use the lessons he taught to think through what had triggered me and how to respond better in the future.”

— Sabrina Aery, Director Strategy & Special Projects, Bristol Myers Squibb

Meet The Author

Irvine Nugent

Irvine Nugent believes that leadership development is a journey from the inside out. If our emotional intelligence is lacking, any new business skill we attempt to implement will be adversely impacted. As such, he’s spent most of his career helping leaders harness the power of their emotions so they can have deeper connections, make better decisions, and increase their influence.

He possesses fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in organizations of various sizes, stages of growth, and sectors. He is experienced in challenging business environments and has worked extensively with emerging leaders as an executive coach and consultant helping them become more self-aware, read the emotions of others, manage their own emotions and relationships.

Irvine Nugent

Born in Northern Ireland, Irvine brings to his audiences a rich and varied experience. Growing up in a society torn apart by division and violence, he saw firsthand the damage done when communication breaks down and people fail to listen and understand. His upbringing inspired him to help leaders build workplaces in which people thrive and realize their full potential.

A gifted storyteller, his programs are infused with passion, dynamism, and of course, his natural Irish humor. Paramount for Irvine is that each person leaves with practical tools based on the latest scientific research that they can implement immediately. Irvine is an internationally recognized trainer, top-rated keynote speaker, and is one of the few worldwide certified facial action coding system (FACS) coders: Experts in reading facial emotions. He earned his PhD in Management from Capella University with research focused on leadership in times of crisis. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Executive Coaching Program.

He resides in Washington, DC.

On-Demand Toolbox

On-Demand Toolbox

Emotional intelligence is a skill that grows with practice. I had this in mind when I wrote the book. I wanted to give the reader actionable steps to explore and expand their emotional intelligence. At the end of seven of the chapters are a number of reflection questions along with suggested exercises, videos and audio reflections. I decided to build a e-course around these activities and give complementary access to all readers of the book.

Please follow the link below to access the course. I promise you that you will find the activities both fun and informative. Prepare to expand your emotional intelligence!

On-Demand Toolbox

Is This Book For Me?

Irvine Nugent

What makes a successful and impactful leader? This question has been researched in every aspect. One skillset however keeps rising to the top, emotional intelligence. This book is written for anyone who wants to explore and expand their emotional intelligence. No matter where you are at in your leadership journey, we know that higher levels of emotional intelligence will result in you making better decisions, building stronger relationships, having greater influence, and managing more productive teams.

Irvine Nugent

The book not only looks at the different elements of emotional intelligence but also offers practical and actionable advice and activities that will have an immediate impact in your workplace and the other areas of your life. What’s more the learning does not stop at the end of the last page as readers are invited to jump into an in-depth complementary training course which takes the books concepts to a deeper level.

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