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Emotional Intelligence is more than just a hot-button phrase. It’s the key to unlocking the potential for bosses and managers to truly become leaders— and Irvine Nugent has the key to unlocking yours.

Emotional Connection is Power. Unlock Yours with Irvine Nugent.

“Irvine had us at hello! He is a brilliant storyteller who skillfully embeds humor into his lessons on how to handle the needs of diverse human beings every single day. He immediately hooked every senior executive with his personal tale of growing up in the pub of Northern Ireland. As we hung on his every word, he drove home the leadership lessons critical to managing the immediate threats our teams face.”
— Pam Coffey, VP Learning, FHFA

About Dr. Irvine

Dr. Irvine Nugent has spent over 15 years in executive leadership roles in a range of organizations. Throughout his experience, he’s learned that challenging business environments don’t just require mental toughness— that’s just one part of the equation.

Great leaders also develop their Emotional Intelligence, allowing them to understand their colleagues, employees, and customers beyond just what’s on the surface. Emotionally intelligent leaders are more self-aware, manage their emotions more effectively, and perceive emotional signals in others to more effectively master their most vital relationships.

Proven Leadership Success

Plenty of keynote speakers talk the talk— Irvine has walked the walk. He’s actually led in a range of organizations in different sizes, industries, and levels of success— helping successful organizations innovate more than ever and helping turn around struggling organizations with greater Emotional Intelligence in leadership.

Ph.D. with Leadership Focus

Irvine Nugent earned his Ph.D. largely on the back of his focused research on why leaders succeed or fail in moments of crisis. Find out how to ensure your leaders will excel no matter what the business landscape throws at them.

Worldwide Certified FACS Coder

The Facial Action Coding System is a comprehensive system for detecting facial movements and the emotions and feelings they reveal. Dr. Irvine is one of the only current FACS coders certified globally.

Passionate and Engaging Speaker

Dr. Irvine is a gifted storyteller, infusing each keynote with passion and a dynamic personality that captivates audiences around the world.

Virtual Meeting Success Guaranteed in 3 Steps

As most business meetings have moved to virtual platforms in the past year the success of your meeting is of paramount importance for me. I want to offer you 3 guarantees that will make planning the keynote at your next virtual meeting a stress-free experience.


Your business circumstances and challenges are unique therefore the content of the keynote has to address those concerns and speak directly to your attendees. In preparation for any keynote Irvine will take the time to spend time with your leadership team to establish the outcomes and takeaways you want to receive and take the input from those who will be attending the event.


Keeping the attention and engagement of people during a virtual event is not easy. Irvine is more than just a talking head, rather he offers a high energy live experience that uses the fullness of the technology to engage participants in discussions, exercises, and small groups.


The true measure of a successful keynote is if it changes behavior. Irvine offers the added benefits of complementary access for all attendees to an e-course packed with practical exercises which participants can use immediately to help expand their emotional intelligence.

“We particularly enjoyed his scientific approach to body language and his sense of humor. Many participants stated that they felt a boost in their confidence and energy levels and that they can easily apply what they learned in their personal and professional lives. We highly recommend him!”

— Saleema Vellani, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Watch Dr. Irvine Speak

Irvine’s unforgettable onstage persona is born from his unique background. Born in Northern Ireland and having served organizations around the world, Irvine combines lessons learned both in the boardroom and in the local pub with captivating, surprising, and often hilarious results.

While Irvine comes prepared with the data gathered in his Ph.D. work and real-world Emotional Intelligence expertise, he’s also a gifted storyteller that knows how to spin a yarn— and then tie that yarn directly to the data and research that matters most to your audience.

But don’t take our word for it— watch Irvine speak for yourself.

Dr. Irvine has helped hundreds of organizations to increase their Emotional Intelligence.

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Expand Your Emotional Intelligence

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