See Irvine Nugent’s high-energy keynotes with his signature flair for storytelling

Transforming Leaders from the Inside Out

Irvine Nugent has spent his career transforming the Emotional Intelligence of leaders. He gives audiences the personal tools, remarkable insights, and behavioral changes they need to engage more effectively with the people around them.

When audiences leave Irvine’s talks, they’re equipped with actionable ways to improve their Emotional Intelligence when interacting with everyone in their life and career— from clients and customers to team members, bosses, and employees.

AHA Insight

“Irvine’s training on presentation and speaking is the best I have ever had anywhere. He is an expert in the content, and the structure and delivery of his training not only held the attention of the class over the full two days, he achieved one of the rarest outcomes of any training: Each of us left able to craft and deliver a talk or training program measurably better than when we came.”
— April Armstrong, CEO, AHA Insight

Irvine says…

“A leaders’ level of emotional intelligence is the hardware upon which we add all other business skills.”

Get To Know Irvine

Want to see Irvine Nugent’s high-energy keynotes with his signature flair for storytelling? Check out the videos below to see him in action as he captivates audiences, provides actionable leadership, and delivers his message as only he can.

Irvine says…

“It is easy to retreat and build walls, it takes courage to build a bridge.”

Irvine has helped hundreds of organizations to increase their Emotional Intelligence.

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