Imagine the advantage of being able to read the hidden emotions on the face of others. What if you had the tools to dramatically improve your ability to assess the credibility of others. Irvine Nugent & Associates is excited to offer a new one-day workshop based on the scientific research of Dr. Paul Ekman. Unmasking Hidden Facial Messages promises to take your leadership to the next level by expanding your emotional and nonverbal intelligence. Stand out with your ability to connect, influence and assess credibility in any situation.

Program Highlights

  • Understand how and why emotions occur.
  • Recognize and identify the seven universal emotions.
  • Detect when emotions are hidden on the face to give you a distinct leadership advantage in negotiations, meetings, sales, hiring, and employee satisfaction.
  • Separate the myths from the science in truth/lie detection
  • Improve your ability to discriminate truth from lies
  • Learn some of the science behind the TV hit show “Lie to Me”.
  • Practice these skills in a safe and fun environment with a Paul Ekman approved associate.

This highly interactive workshop does not assume previous knowledge. During the session, attendees will test their ability to read hidden emotions using a special tool developed by Dr. Paul Ekman. Video clips and live scenarios will also be used to practice your new skills. Learn from cutting-edge scientific research which is available only from Paul Ekman approved associates and has been condensed into this half or one-day workshop.

Unmasking Hidden Facial Messages will help:

  • Executives who are seeking to have the edge in the boardroom, negotiations and high-stake interviews.
  • Emerging leaders who want to stand out by being able to read people and assess the creditability of others.
  • Sales professionals who want to read and assess their clients.
  • Human resource and hiring managers who want to assess the credibility of potential hires and existing employees.

About Paul Ekman, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul Ekman, has devoted his career, spanning over 40 years, to a deeper understanding of human emotions and deception detection. He pioneering scientific research is at the core of our understanding of emotional intelligence and credibility assessment. This same science was used on the hit TV series ‘Lie to Me’ for which Dr. Ekman served as a scientific advisor. The contents of this course draws entirely from his science-based research, unlike other courses in this area which include unproven theories and myths.


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