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You live and work in an interesting but challenging world. To perform well in business these days requires a different skillset than a few decades ago.

So here’s the truth: You and your team won’t thrive if you don’t invest in leadership development especially in the areas of advanced communication skills, emotional intelligence and the ability to assess the credibility of others in issues of critical importance.

And Irvine Nugent & Associates can help you with all of this.

What Makes Our Training Unique?

Yes you’ll find many training options out there, whether from supposed professional or via online resources. But we offer a warning: Be weary of imitations or wasting time & money on training that won’t have real long term effects.

We put effort into designing programs that will bring about lasting, positive change. That’s done through these features of our training:

  • We use scientifically researched and proven material
  • Training involves hands-on sessions to practice the discovered skills
  • We help build long term plans so growth can continue indefinitely
  • We provide support and course material to facilitate the process
  • Our coaches and facilitators are all certified and trained

We guarantee you world class standards. When would you like to start your journey with us?

Pick the Training Event You and Your Team Need Now

You can enjoy the benefits of one of these training events or see the massive impact when we combine them to target certain challenges you face.

Which ones spark your interest? You can navigate to their respective pages for more in-depth information. Pick the effective business communication training that aligns with your needs.

Irvine Nugent & Associates is proud to offer many cutting-edge leadership communication programs in the areas of emotional and nonverbal intelligence and presentation skills. We also offer innovative leadership development assessments and coaching programs. We can also leverage a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches.

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    Cutting edge solutions helping leaders read emotions, increase engagement and assess the credibility of others.

  • Paul Ekman Licensed PEI Partner - Approved & Certified by Dr Paul Ekman

  • NGLCC - Certified LGBTBE

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