Executive Presence and Body Language Training

Do You Know What your Nonverbals are saying?

Executive Presence and Body Language Training

Executive Presence and Body Language Training

Do You Know What your Nonverbals are saying?

Executive Presence and Body Language Training

What you'll learn

Do You Know What You’re Communicating to Others? You may be so caught up in what you’re saying verbally that you forget what your hands, feet, and posture communicate too. Yes, your negative nonverbal communication can affect how you impact those around you.

But here’s the good news. If you understand what body language is, you’ll:

  • Know how to read body language in others
  • Manage your own so it sends out the right signals

So when last did you do an audit of your body language? We want to help you rectify the situation.


Why is it that when certain people enter the room they command attention through their very presence?

We know that executive presence is essential to be considered leadership material, however how to get it remains a mystery for many. While executive presence is highly intuitive and difficult to pin down, it ultimately boils down to your ability to project mature self-confidence and an ability to establish creditability, trust, and likability. Leadership training tends to focus on certain leadership skills as problem-solving, conflict management human capital management but leaves out the essential skills of verbal and nonverbal intelligence. This training will focus specifically practical techniques with the use of body language to build rapport with potential clients. That’s the importance of nonverbal communication.

Are You Using Nonverbal Communication to Your Benefit in Business?

There’s a huge focus on getting the right education, skills, and experience to perform in the business arena. But your own and your employees’ performance can be so much better when you’re adept at using body language.

This knowledge relates to how a person presents him or herself, but also understanding other people’s body language. As an employer, you can lead better when you gauge your team’s state of mind. In turn, your employees will work better when there’s a better grasp of people’s attitude or thoughts.

With first impressions being made during the first few seconds you meet someone, it’s imperative you send out the right signals even before you get a chance to speak. And from then on forward it’s vital you keep on exuding confidence and work the room. Imagine the impact of this when surrounded by competitors.

Who this course is for

This seminar will help:
Executives who are seeking to improve their leadership presence in the boardroom, with external stakeholder, and with employees.
Emerging leaders who want to stand out by being able to project confidence and possess the capability of being able to read people.
Sales professionals who want to read and assess their clients.
Human resource and hiring managers who want to assess the credibility of potential hires and existing employees.

Course Content

  • Improve Executive Presence
    How do you exude the professional and competence you know you have? When your body language confirms your confidence you’ll make a greater impact. This makes body language training a vital skill for any business leader.
  • Change Negative Body Language
    Your first step will be to counter your current negative body language such as showing nervousness or not making eye contact. But you need to realize what you’re doing before you can stop it. We help trainees discover and decode what is nonverbal communication so they can start improving their own.
  • Remove Barriers of Communication
    These negative messages could be what’s keeping you from succeeding in business. Your body language could be telling people to stay away. Let’s turn that around and make you more appealing to future business partners and networks.
  • Align Your Nonverbal Communication with Your Message
    Many of these negative messages could be motivated subconsciously. While your words say one thing your body may say another. Let’s help you align the two so others perceive you as credible and trustworthy. Your body language can be the way you build rapport with others and how your team learns to work together optimally.
  • Understand Others’ Body Language
    These skills don’t stop with understanding and improving yourself. The same communication principals apply to others, so with this knowledge, you’ll be skilled at reading others.
  • Understand Emotions Better
    When you understand and pick up on the seven universal facial micro-expressions you’ll be more effective in business. Know what others are thinking—and when they’re lying—to give you power in meetings, negotiations, sales and hiring.
  • Start Using Body Language Tips to Your Benefit
    When you understand what you’re communicating to others you can start harnessing that power. That’s the importance of nonverbal communication and the study of it. When you use the right body language skills, what you say has more impact. Therefore these skills will help you have more impact when you speak. With the charisma, these skills add to your presence you’ll build a more effective network around you by connecting with others from the get-go.
  • Fast Working Techniques
    When you understand the techniques behind managing body language, you’ll automatically have more confidence. Our comprehensive approach makes the skills quick to grasp and dynamic for everyone’s use. You and your team can experience instantly how this affects your functioning in the office and with your audience.
  • Build a Body Language Development Plan
    At the end of this course, each trainee will have a Body Language Development Plan in hand. Using the skills, following the plan and developing over time will set each person apart in the workplace.

Course Offerings and Specs

Our Executive Presence / Body Language training can be customized into a different number of offerings. Sessions can be structured over a ½ or 1 day format. Contact us today to enquire how we can customize a session for your company.

FAQs • Frequently Asked Questions

Because this determines your future success you need to partner with the right mentors. You’ll find many courses out there, but none of them provide all these features:

  • Scientific foundation: You won’t learn internet opinions or theories, but facts deducted from scientific research
  • Practical approach: It won’t help knowing theories without learning how it applies to real life. We teach practical aspects so trainees find solutions for challenges they face each day
  • Dynamic environment: We enhance the learning experience by creating a fun, dynamic environment. In this stimulating situation, you’ll learn more, you’ll learn faster and you’ll remember it so you can apply it the moment you leave the course
  • Interactive learning: We give you the opportunity to practice your new found knowledge in class. You’ll get better at it over time, but we ensure you get it right from the start. The practical sessions also help you remember what you’re taught

Using body language should become second nature and this process ensures it does.

About the instructor

Irvine Nugent, Ph.D. • Behavioral Analysis Expert

Irvine possesses fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in various organizations. Dr. Nugent is an approved Paul Ekman International Trainer and offers a wide range of workshops in the areas of emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication, executive presence and lie detection which are based on the practical application of scientific research.

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    Cutting edge solutions helping leaders read emotions, increase engagement and assess the credibility of others.

  • Paul Ekman Licensed PEI Partner - Approved & Certified by Dr Paul Ekman

  • NGLCC - Certified LGBTBE

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