Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Train the Trainer Program

Add two powerful assessments to your consulting/coaching and training business.

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Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Train the Trainer Program

Add two powerful assessments to your consulting/coaching and training business.

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What you'll learn

Getting DISC© and Five Behaviors qualified through Irvine Nugent & Associates empowers you to administer and facilitate two of the most popular tools for promoting team cohesiveness and communication in a training, consulting or coaching setting. Our train the trainer program will provide you with everything you need to incorporate these dynamic programs into your business either as an external consultant/coach or an internal trainer.


By attending, you’ll:

  • Your Everything DiSC® Workplace assessment and access to MyEverythingDisc® online account and resources
  • Your sample DiSC® Workplace assessment & Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® demo report
  • Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® workshop experiences
  • Detailed discussions on how to design and deliver your own workshop experiences based on the facilitation kits
  • Additional exercises and tools to enhance the facilitation kit materials
  • An online account (EPIC) to begin generating your own Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team reports which can be customized with your business logo
  • Enough EPIC credits to generate your first Everything DiSC® Workplace report to practice with a colleague or friend
  • An electronic compendium of recourses including, marketing materials, sample assessments, research reports, and additional facilitator exercise and games
  • Optional – Facilitator Guides which include PowerPoint slides, video clips, scripted leader’s guide, and exercises are available at a special discounted price
  • Regular online video calls with experienced facilitators to foster discussion on best practices
  • 12 ICF CE’s in the Resource Development Category

Who this course is for

Coaches / Consultants and Trainers who are looking to add these two powerful assessments into their business.

Course Content

This two-day training focuses on DiSC the first day and then moves to Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team the second day. The DiSC training day is mandatory for those who wish to attend the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team training. Both days extensively uses the facilitation kits and assumes that the trainer will be using these kits when they are training.

OPTION 1: Everything DiSC® Workplace and Five Behaviors Complete Package (Training and Facilitation Kits)

  • 2-Day Everything DiSC® Workplace and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Train the Trainer
  • Everything DiSC® Workplace facilitation kit
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® facilitation kit

OPTION 2: DiSC and Five Behaviors Training Package (Training Only)

  • 2-Day Everything DiSC® Workplace and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Train the Trainer

OPTION 3: Everything DiSC® Workplace Complete Package (Training and Facilitation Kit)

  • 1-Day Everything DiSC® Train the Trainer
  • Everything DiSC® Workplace facilitation kit

OPTION 4: Everything DiSC® Training Package (Training Only)

  • 1 Day Everything DiSC® Train the Trainer ONLY

Course Offerings and Specs

Online training is also available through Irvine Nugent & Associates. Please, contact us for further information.

FAQs • Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to Understand an Apply
You want a product that your employees can easily understand, even though the information is dynamic. The DiSC reports are simple to use as guidelines and you’ll know exactly what is expected of each person.

You don’t have time during your work day to deal with complicated feedback. You need fast and efficient feedback with simple solutions. The DiSC personality assessments do exactly this (See more below)

Actionable ideas
The assessment isn’t the end of the DiSC training activities. The purpose is to get people to act differently towards each other, so feedback is actionable. Through DiSC training activities team members see which steps to take towards more effective functioning.

Real Behavioral Change
When employees know what to change and how to change it, it leads to everlasting behavior modification.

Many other programs make people excited about working together, but they don’t tell them how to get this right. Or perhaps they don’t understand why their actions relate to someone else’s feelings, making it difficult to apply tools in unique situations.

When your employees understand what each person’s role, preferences and work methods are, the knowledge can be applied indefinitely in almost any situation.

Makes Sense for Your Budget
There are many options in the DiSC workshop spectrum. Pick one that will help your organization, but that also suits your budget. Customized assessments are possible, so talk to us about your needs and available resources.

Teamworkaffects everything:

  • It determines how much conflict an office has
  • A cohesive team will solve problems faster
  • When team members feel happier in their environment they’re more productive
  • Team members are more prone to take up responsibility when they feel part of a unit instead of functioning on their own

Isn’t it time you see these results in your office?

About the instructor

Irvine Nugent, Ph.D. • Behavioral Analysis Expert

Irvine possesses fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in various organizations. Dr. Nugent is an approved Paul Ekman International Trainer and offers a wide range of workshops in the areas of emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication, executive presence and lie detection which are based on the practical application of scientific research.

Trista Schoonmaker
Trista Schoonmaker • Co-Trainer

Trista Schoonmaker is an expert in learning design, group facilitation, and leadership coaching, She believes that as our society and organizations become more complex, our ability to thrive requires us to foster new courage, explore fresh perspectives, and engage in powerful conversations that address tension and conflict. As ICF certified leadership coach, Trista coaches individuals, groups, and teams. She has a passion for coaching teams in conflict to rebuild trust and develop more effective communication strategies for the future. 

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  • Paul Ekman Licensed PEI Partner - Approved & Certified by Dr Paul Ekman

  • NGLCC - Certified LGBTBE

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