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Nonverbal Communication for Leadership Success

Do you know what your nonverbals are saying?

Communication is at the heart of leadership, yet few leaders have spent any time mastering body language. Successful leaders are able get noticed in any room. They are able to connect, engage and influence others.

Program Highlights

  • Learn how to make a first impression that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Master how to use your body language to build trust and rapport with others.
  • Discover how to decode the hidden messages in other people’s body language.
  • Start aligning your body language with your message.
  • Increase your confidence by incorporating technique you can learn in minutes.
  • Learn how to turn up your charisma in every situation.
  • Change any negative nonverbal communication you commonly use.
  • Grasp the elements which make up your vocal power.
  • Develop nonverbal techniques to help you speak with greater impact.
  • Master how to work a room from entering through exiting.
  • Uncover the seven hidden universal facial microexpressions to give you a leadership advantage in negotiations, sales, hiring, and employee satisfaction.
  • Leave with a body language development plan to dramatically improve your nonverbal communication and give you a cutting edge in the workplace.

What Makes Mastering Body Language Secrets Seminar Unique?

  • Every element is based on scientific research.
  • The seminar offers practical solutions which can be used right away.
  • Material is presented in a dynamic and fun way.
  • Practice each body language element to begin your mastery.

Workshop and Breakout Options

  • Nonverbal Communication for Leadership Success (1-day and ½-day workshops or 90 breakout session).
  • Presentation Skills and Nonverbal Communication for Leadership Success (3-day or 2-day workshop).

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