What Clients Say

Irvine Nugent isn’t just an expert on Emotional Intelligence and facial expression recognition— he’s a proven keynote speaker who delivers when it comes to great storytelling, captivating onstage presence, and thrilling keynotes that leave audiences ready to take action. Here are just a few testimonials from audiences who have seen Irvine speak.


“Irvine had us at hello! He hooked every senior executive with his personal tale of growing up in the pub of Northern Ireland; his dad scooping him up from his childhood bed just moments before their home and livelihood blew up before their eyes! Irvine is a brilliant storyteller, captivating us with his compelling story and taking us to the scene as if it was happening to us. As we hung on his every word, he drove home the leadership lessons critical to managing the immediate threats our teams face. Irvine is a brilliant speaker who skillfully embeds humor into his lessons on how to handle the needs of diverse human beings every single day.”

Pam Coffey – Former VP Learning – FHFA

“The Maryland Community College Association for Continuing Education & Training worked with Dr. Irvine Nugent this past spring to deliver both a plenary address and a workshop session during a statewide professional development conference. Both of his deliverables were well received by attendees. The plenary address for over two hundred attendees represented sixteen community colleges and all levels of staff roles was especially impactful. Dr. Nugent’s content, delivery and ability to connect and engage with the audience in an hour was impressive.”

— Patricia Meyer – VP – Frederick Community College

Frederick Community College

“Irvine is an exceptional individual who was instrumental in coordinating and facilitating a multitude of activities that led to our office identifying the strengths, areas of improvement, opportunities for further development and potential obstacles to avoid or overcome in our communications and processes. Irvine’s delivery and management of the services in which he provided were critical to the organization and management of large cross-agency work group activities. His knowledge and analytical approach to addressing each staff’s concern was impressive. The depth and breadth of Irvine’s expertise and engagement covered the broad scope of our needs and resulted in improved communication and processes across the office and those we engage within and outside of our organization. He is a consummate professional that was keenly aware of the ever-changing needs and situations that needed to be managed to facilitate positive outcomes and high quality work products. Our staff continues to take full advantage of Irvine’s tools to enhance their skillsets and actively looks for ways to apply what they have learned in meaningful ways.”

— Rear Admiral Denise Hinton – Chief Scientific Officer – FDA

“Dr. Irvine Nugent truly practices what he preaches as his charisma clearly shows, and his life stories and experiences go hand-in-hand with what he teaches. We particularly enjoyed his scientific approach to body language and his sense of humor. Many participants stated that they felt a boost in their confidence and energy levels and that they can easily apply what they learned in their personal and professional lives. We highly recommend him!”

— Saleema Vellani –  Adjunct Professor – Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University
AHA Insight

“As someone with a professional background in communications who has been fortunate to attend many speaker trainings over the years, I can say Irvine’s training on presentation and speaking is the best I have ever had anywhere. He is an expert in the content, and the structure and delivery of his training not only held the attention of the class over the full two days, he achieved one of the rarest outcomes of any training: Each of us left able to craft and deliver a talk or training program measurably better than when we came.”

— April Armstrong – CEO – AHA Insight

“Irvine is a great speaker with a compelling story to tell. When listening to him talk about what he learned from the Pub, his description was so captivating that I felt like I could picture the buildings and the people. He is funny, poignant and makes me want to hear more!”

— Catrese Brown, CEO C.T. Brown & Associates, LLC

Brown & Associates, LLC
Federal Executive Coach

“I’ve been a trainer since 1992 and I’ve heard many keynotes and presentations. When I attend Irvine’s presentations I come away with the gift of expanded exploration and pondering. It is that gift that Irvine brings to his story of “Leadership Lessons From The Pub.”

— Anne Kelly, President, Federal Executive Coach

“Irvine is an amazing storyteller and speaker who like a good novel or movie, pulls you in and engages you completely. His leadership lessons are poignant and insightful. Irvine has an easy-going style and his positive energy is utterly contagious both in-person and virtually. I highly recommend taking any opportunity you’re lucky enough to have to listen to and learn from Irvine.”

— Rayna Schroeder, President, Positive Impact Leaders

Positive Impact Leaders
ICF Maryland Chapter

“Irvine Nugent was the keynote speaker for the 10th Year Anniversary Celebration. Our theme was Our Story: Past, President, Future. In sharing Leadership Lessons from the Pub, Irvine empowered us to find ways to continue tell our Chapter’s story, to be resilient, and to continue to engage and deepen our relationships with our members. ”

— Donna Jones Daley, President, ICF Maryland Chapter