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Presentation Skills Intensive Workshop

Strong presentation skills are essential for leadership success. Poor speaking skills can ground a rising star. This intensive program will help participants deliver presentations that motivate, hold the attention of the audience and ultimately get results.  The Speakers Training Camp® has a proven record for dramatic success and has been used by Fortune 500 Companies such as Nike, Xerox, Boeing and Ritz-Carlton. This program is a hands on dynamic experience which puts theory into practice immediately.

Program Highlights

  • Identify the three essential components of a presentation
  • Create an introduction that will grab the attention of your audience
  • Organize your information in a clear and concise manner
  • Develop a presentation in half the time using the Applause Presentation Planner©
  • Develop a way to understand your audience needs ensuring your presentation is always well received.
  • Captivate your audience with a powerful conclusion
  • In-depth analysis of your voice, body language, and eye contact
  • When and how to use visual aids and what to do when they fail
  • How to use notes without seeming stiff or over-rehearsed.
  • How to manage difficult audience members with grace and skill
  • Learn how to coach yourself using the Applause Meter©

You Will Also Learn

  • Ten proven strategies for overcoming fear and nervousness
  • The #1 thing that an audience what from a presenter
  • The top 10 turn offs to avoid which put audiences to sleep
  • How to coach yourself
  • How to generate spell-binding material from your own experience.
  • How to dress appropriately for any presentation so you look like a pro.
  • How to make and maintain dynamite eye contact
  • What to do with your hands during a presentation
  • How to improve your voice projection, enunciation, and tone
  • What ingredients are essential to me a memorable presenter
  • When and how to use humor in presentation
  • Where to place questions in a presentation and how to answer them.
  • How to make dull fact and numbers come to life
  • Simple relaxation and breathing techniques to keep you at ease and in control through your presentation

What Makes Speakers Training Camp® Unique?

Limited to 8-12 People

80% Active Participation including 6 individual presentations

Individual Personalized Coaching

Individualized Take Home Recordings of all your presentations

The Speaker Training Camp® Manuel

Who Should Attend the Speakers Training Camp®

People of all levels of presenting ability have attended and benefited from the program, from beginners who are terrified at the thought of public speaking to accomplished presenters who want to fine tune their style.

Companies use the Speakers Training Camp®

  • To provide emerging leaders and supervisors essential presentation skills.
  • To help prepare a team for an important sales or grant presentation.
  • To help leaders improve their executive presence and professionalism.


Contact us today for further information on the Speakers Training Camp®