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Presentation Skills Coaching

Research suggests that targeted one-to-one coaching is one of the most effective methods of skills development. A lack of presentation skills can be a barrier to career advancement and impact your influence as a leader or manager.

Individual presentation skills coaching and support can help all levels of presenters from those with basic skills and are dealing with significant speaking fear to those who are an experienced presenter and are seeking to fine tune their skills.

 Key components of Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Master Stage Fright – Feel at ease at front of the room.
  • Awaken your Unique Message – Find and express your unique message.
  • Bring Clarity to your Content – Refine your message for greatest impact.
  • Applause Presentation Planner© – Develop presentations in half the time.
  • Storytelling – Use stories to grab attention and make your presentation memorable.
  • Vocal Power – Speak with a vocal tone which resonates and projects to your audience.
  • Silence – Hold attention and build suspense through the power of silence.
  • Presence – Radiate a strong presence which connects and draws people in.
  • Emotional Connection – Establish a genuine connection.
  • Body Language – Integrate powerful body language to engage your audience.
  • Visual Aids – Visual principles to ensure effective PowerPoint®/Keynote® slides
  • Difficult Audience Members – Manage difficult audience members with grace and skill.
  • Applause Meter© – Learn how to coach yourself using the Applause Meter©.
  • Keynoting – Develop keynote material that inspires and touches hearts.
  • TED Talks – Craft an 18 minute TED Talk that grabs attention.

 Key results of Presentation Skills Coaching 

  • Compelling presentations which sell the presenter, as well as their message.
  • Opportunities to develop and rehearse specific presentations.
  • Greater personal presence and enhanced professionalism.
  • Increased ability to influence and sell ideas and recommendations.
  • Reduced preparation time; increased productivity.
  • Presentations delivered with confidence, credibility and authority.
  • Flexibility to adapt to different audiences, environments and unforeseen situations.

Presentation Skills Coaching can help:

  • Executiveswho must speak to various audiences and important prospective clients.
  • Emerging leaders who are being called upon to speak at meetings more often.
  • Sales professionals who are called upon to meet and present to new and existing client accounts.
  • Technical and scientific professionals who must present complex or highly technical data to non-technical audiences
  • Accounting and financial professionals tasked with reporting financial information to management
  • Managerswho must communicate policy, procedures and other corporate communication to employees
  • Senior executives who speak to shareholders at annual meetings or private events
  • Marketing professionals that deliver corporate messages and communicate branding and image both internally and externally
  • Trainers and educators who must equip employees with the skills to succeed in the workplace
  • Human resource managers who lead orientation sessions to groups of new employees or communicate new benefits and programs to existing employees
  • Project managers who lead and guide kick-off meetings or provide status reports to internal and external clients

Sessions can be delivered face to face at the client’s office or via a video conference call. Sessions can range from 1 hour to half or full day training sessions. Please contact us for further information.