Paul Ekman Training

Emotional Intelligence & Deception Detection

Dr. Paul Ekman

Over the past 60 years as the science of emotions developed Dr. Paul Ekman has been at the center of this research. From the discovery of universal emotions and micro expressions to a scientific approach to lie detection Dr. Ekman has helped people expand their emotional intelligence and heightened their ability to access the credibility of others

This life-changing knowledge and skills have been distilled into two core courses.

The focus of this course is the development of emotional skills. Attendees leave with the ability to recognize and manage their own emotions and their emotions. It also offers powerful strategies to build productive relationships.

The focus of this course is the development of deception detection techniques created by Dr. Ekman. Attendees leave with the ability to identify hidden messages and deception in others. You will also enhance your ability to analyze verbal and non-verbal behavioral cues. Finally, you will develop robust questioning strategies to elicit valuable information from others

Emotional Skills and Competencies

Learn to Manage Your Emotions and Read
Them In Others

August 11-12, 2021

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

Detect Lies, Uncover the Truth and Make
Better Decisions

August 17-19, 2021

Irvine Nugent & Associates is one of only a handful of official centers in the world offering Paul Ekman training. Attendees also receive Paul Ekman International Certificate signed by Dr. Ekman upon the successful completion of a post-test.