Cutting edge, practical guidance to not just stay afloat but steam ahead and stand out

In a Changing World, Success Comes to Those Who are Constantly Evolving

Your work environment is marked by growing complexity, rising stress and rapid change. Our trainings offer cutting edge, practical guidance to navigate these dangerous waters so that you not just stay afloat but steam ahead and stand out.

Attachment: Why You Suck At Relationships


We help people who are struggling with relationships and are suffering from conflict and heartbreak to understand how they have been self-sabotaging and help them develop the perfect relationship for their needs, using our 7 step model.

Imposter Syndrome: How To Feel Less Of A Fraud


Using our 5 step model, we help individuals who are struggling with a fear of being found out, believing that their achievements are based solely on luck, to step into their power and become the most effective and confident version of themselves.

Foundation Negotiation Masterclass: A Behavioral Approach to Negotiation


Negotiation Masterclass: A Behavioral Approach to Negotiation. This foundational course offers a unique approach to negotiation covering nonverbal communication, persuasion, emotional intelligence, and building trust in 7 modules.  


Your Emotional Intelligence Roadmap

Free On-Demand Training Course

Those with higher levels of emotional intelligence make better decisions, have a clearer read of their customers, perform at a higher level and earn more money. What is emotional Intelligence and how to I expand mine?