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Micro Facial Expression Training

Communication training for a new generation of business leader. This half-day seminar will help you spot concealed emotions, improve your emotional intelligence, develop your capacity for empathy and help you better understand others.

What are micro facial expressions?

Micro expressions are facial expressions that occur within 1/25th of a second. They are involuntary and expose a person’s true emotions. They can happen as a result of conscious suppression or unconscious repression. These facial expressions are universal, meaning they occur on everyone around the world.

Why are micro facial expressions important?

Everyone flashes micro expressions and no one can hide them. Reading micro expressions is the key to enhanced emotional awareness and deception detection. Learning to spot micro expressions helps you identify the different emotions someone experiences, to respond effectively, generates quality interactions and increases your potential and results.

Program Highlights

  • Understand how and why emotions occur.
  • Recognize and identify the seven universal emotions.
  • Detect when emotions are hidden on the face to give you a distinct leadership advantage in negotiations, meetings, sales, hiring, and employee satisfaction.
  • Learn some of the science behind the TV hit show “Lie to Me”.
  • Practice these skills in a safe and fun environment with a Paul Ekman approved associate.
  • Free ongoing access to the Paul Ekman online Micro Facial Expression training tool.

Micro Facial Expression Training will help:

  • Executiveswho are seeking to have the edge in the boardroom, negotiations and high-stake interviews.
  • Emerging leaders who want to stand out by being able to read people and assess the creditability of others.
  • Sales professionals who want to see what their potential clients are not saying with their words.
  • Human resource and hiring managers who want to assess the credibility of potential hires and existing employees and read their hidden emotions.