About Irvine Nugent

Dr. Irvine Nugent helps leaders go from a basic understanding of their own and others’ emotions and feelings to masters of unlocking the secrets buried in facial expressions, body language, and subtext— how to see them, how to engage with them, and how these skills can transform businesses and careers in any industry or position.

Real-World Success

Irvine has transformed leaders and taken organizations to the next level with the power of Emotional Intelligence.

Body Language and Facial Expression Expert

Know what people are saying when they’re not saying anything

Meet Irvine Nugent: Leading Trainer in Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Expert

Remain calm and focused even when you’re triggered and under pressure.

Focus on the Real-World 

Transform your ability to engage with anyone, from the pub to the boardroom.

Worldwide Subject Matter Expert

The list of globally recognized FACS (facial action coding system) experts is extremely short— and Dr. Irvine Nugent is on it.

Proven Keynote Speaker

Irvine has toured the globe giving captivating speeches to a range of organizations worldwide.

Few speakers bring a natural gift for storytelling, a truly unique background, and unparalleled subject matter expertise in one package. That’s what you get when you book Irvine Nugent for your keynote event or conference.


“Irvine had us at hello! He hooked every senior executive with his personal tale of growing up in the pub of Northern Ireland. Irvine is a brilliant storyteller, captivating us with his compelling story and taking us to the scene as if it was happening to us. Irvine is a brilliant speaker who skillfully embeds humor into his lessons on how to handle the needs of diverse human beings every single day.”
— Pam Coffey, Former VP Learning, FHFA

Irvine says…

“Knowing how you feel at any moment is the foundation of great leadership.”

Full Bio

Dr. Irvine Nugent has seen firsthand how any new business skill won’t be effective unless it’s paired with true Emotional Intelligence. He’s spent the majority of his career helping leaders and organizations harness the power of their emotions in powerful ways to create deeper connections, make more informed and level-headed decisions, and increase their influence throughout their career and life.

Irvine was born in Northern Ireland, and his richly varied background brings a truly unique perspective to every keynote. Having grown up in a society torn apart by a dramatic period of violence and division, he’s seen the worst of what can happen when communication breaks down and people fail to listen and understand each other nor manage conflict.This formed the foundation of his desire to help people communicate and listen better with one another throughout the world.

Meet Irvine Nugent: Leading Trainer in Emotional Intelligence

Since then, Irvine has served in senior leadership roles for a wide range of organizations and become an internationally recognized trainer and top-rated keynote speaker. He’s also one of the world’s only globally certified FACS coders, earned his Ph.D. from Capella University with a focus on leadership during crisis, and graduated from Georgetown University’s executive coaching program. He’s also the author of Leadership Lessons from the Pub, a book on what the Irish pub can teach leaders about Emotional Intelligence.

Irvine says…

“Choosing to lead in today’s world is an act of courage.”

Irvine has helped hundreds of organizations to increase their Emotional Intelligence.

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