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Coaching Skills Every Leader Needs

“Leaders are born, not made” is a phrase we often hear. But are they? Or can we develop leaders? In this episode, I’ll show you the coaching skills every leader needs.
How To Manage Conflict In Virtual Teams

How To Manage Conflict In Virtual Teams

Teams that are working virtually are more prone to misunderstanding and miscommunication. So, how do we deal with that? In this video, learn as I’ll share a few tips on how to manage conflict on virtual teams.
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How To Manage Remote Employees

During the pandemic, remote employees increased drastically. So in this episode, I’ll show you 5 areas to explore to better manage remote employees.
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How To Develop Leadership Skills In Employees

Giving development training to your employees can make them more rounded and have better skills in their job. Not only that, but you will know also what are their weaknesses. In this video, I will give you things you can do to develop the leadership skills of your employees.
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What Are The Different Leadership Styles

Do you remember the different types of leaders you’ve worked for? Think about the styles with which they lead. Do you know which is the best leadership style? In this video, I’ll talk about what are the different leadership styles and then maybe you can choose which is the best.
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How Does A Leader Empower Employees?

As a leader or an employer, you can save more money if you can avoid employee leaving you. And you can do that by empowering them. Want to know how to do it? Stay tuned to this video to know how a leader empowers employees.
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How To Make A Great Impression

Research shows that it would only take at least seven seconds to leave an impression. Whether you are professional or an amateur, mastering how you present yourself to other people is key. Join me in today’s episode as we talk about how to make a great first impression!
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How To Develop Trust And Confidence In The Workplace

If ever there was a time when we need more trust and confidence in the workplace, it is now. That’s why in this video, we’re going to explore eight different techniques that you can use to develop trust and confidence as a leader.
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Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important In Leadership?

Do you know what it takes to be a good leader? You can’t just be an expert at something or have many years of experience and call yourself a leader. A real leader is someone who can bring his or her team into a positive state that in turn calls for productivity. A real leader is someone who can make their employees or their colleagues feel excited to go to work! Stay tuned for an exercise that you can try at home to help you explore the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.
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How To Positively Influence Others In The Workplace

How do you like the atmosphere in your workplace? Very often, going to work is associated with anxiety and conflict. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how you can set a more positive tone and influence your colleagues in a positive way.
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Why Is Emotional Intelligence In Teams Important?

Teams can be found everywhere – in school, at work, in local communities. How does a team become an effective team? It all comes down to emotional intelligence. In today’s episode, let’s talk about how emotional intelligence plays a vital role in teams from the beginning.
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How To Manage Your Emotions In The Workplace

Managing your emotions in the high-stress, high-tension environment of your workplace can be a huge challenge. In today’s episode, we’ll explore the different emotions that usually come up when you’re working. From there, I’ll share a few simple exercises and practical tools that can improve how well you manage your emotions and help you bring your positive self to work every day!
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How To Manage Conflict And Disagreements With Colleagues

Most workplaces have a dynamic and collaborative environment. That said, conflicts are bound to happen every so often. So in today’s episode, I’ll share with you the eight things you need to know to be able to manage workplace conflicts and disagreements effectively.