The body scan is a mindfulness exercise that simply brings attention to the physical sensations in the body. It is performed by scanning through each part of the body and being attentive at the moment to what you are experiencing.
One of the greatest impacts a leader can make is to be fully present in any conversation. The ability to leave another person feeling that they have been fully listened to is remarkable. However, this happens so rarely in our workplace because of the competing demands on our time.
Have you ever noticed an instance in your life when something that happened or was said evoked in you an immediate reaction full of emotion? Sometimes our reactions are appropriate and can help protect us but at other times that do not serve us well.
Want to project a calm presence in the midst of chaos? Want to take more control over how you respond rather than just reacting with behaviors you later regret? The 7 Second Reset is a simple yet powerful practice.
Optimism is a key leadership trait. Research has shown that leaders with optimism tend to be more solution focused having the ability not to get stuck in any problem. They are also better able to communicate a vision that is more engaging and motivating.