What Is Funny?

Being humorous is not easy. It takes work. Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make is inserting a cheesy joke at the beginning of a presentation and ticking the humor box. The best humor is something more organic that comes from our experience. Good humor is relatable, and people should be able to either see themselves in the situation being described or have directly experienced it. Our lives are full of experiences that are wonderful raw material for humor. The following questions will help you bring to mind experiences and stories that have great potential for humor.

As with any presentation its always advisable to try out any humorous story in front of a few people to test how it lands. It is also important to watch comedy and observe what people are laughing at. This also extends to our daily life. When people are laughing, stop and be curious at what made them laugh.

Refection Questions

What makes you laugh?


Who in your circle of friends is funny? What makes them funny? What topics do they find humor in?


What stories do you tell that people laugh at?


What failures have you had that as you look back are funny?


What work situations have you noticed that people laugh about?


When you have gathering among family and friends what funny stories are repeated again and again?


Reflect on the past week. What things did you laugh at? What did you say that people laughed at?