Every now and then there comes a movie that speaks to us on many different levels. One of them is Inside Out. As with many Pixar movies, on the surface it seems to be a wonderful children’s tale about our emotional lives except it speaks to everyone no matter what their age.

The following reflection questions can be used for personal reflection or journal entries. They can also be used to begin a conversation about emotions with someone else or a group

1. The movie begins with Riley and her family moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. The move does not go well. They all struggle to cope with the changes. Have you ever gone through a big transition? When? What was it? How do you deal with change in your life?


2. Riley was asked by her mother to put aside her own disappointment in order to help her dad pursue a new job in San Francisco. Do you think this was fair? What sacrifices have you made for others? How did/does it make you feel?


3. In the movie, our most important memories are called “core memories” and are represented by a glowing ball? What are some of your core memories?


4. Do you think that our society values certain emotions over others? Which ones? Why?


5. Anger can be a difficult emotion to express. What makes you angry? How do you express anger?


6. What are you most afraid of? Why does that impact your decisions?


7. Do you find it easy to express sadness?


8. Do you have a memory that used to be happy but now you feel sad about? Why? How do our feelings about events change over time?


9. At times do you feel that you must put on a happy face? When was the last time you did this? Why?


10. Do you think it is easier for males or females, or for younger or older people, to express different emotions? Which ones? Why?