EQ WORKOUT #60 Why Self-Awareness is Important in Communication

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Communication is one of the most—if not the most—important skills you can develop as a leader. There are many communication techniques you can implement to grow your skills, but they can’t replace self-awareness. Developing high self-awareness will help you become a better communicator and leader. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize what’s going on in […]



We have so many conversations every day—it’s one of the core fundamentals of human interaction. And yet, we can be pretty bad at it. We are distracted, disengaged, or don’t have strong communication skills. We really are not listening. Case and point: look around the restaurant next time you go out to eat. You’ll see […]

EQ WORKOUT #54 The Emotional Intelligence of listening to your body?


How good are your listening skills? When you reflected on this question what came to your mind? Most people, think of listening to other people and some of the distractions we face on a daily basis. No doubt this is an incredibly important aspect of listening we often forgot that if you want to boost […]