EQ WORKOUT #71 How to Be an Effective Panelist

As you grow in your career, you might start getting opportunities to be a panelist at a conference or event. And if you get the chance, being a panelist is a fantastic opportunity to show you leadership and communication skills. But just as being a great public speaker or presenter takes effort, so does becoming […]

EQ WORKOUT #70 How Can You Better Regulate Your Emotions at Work?

Most people will spend a third of their lives at work. And that’s a significant amount of time to spend in a place that can, often, be a place of emotional ups and downs. Just think of what happens throughout your work life: excitement over a promotion, stress from major deadlines, anxiety over conflict with […]

EQ WORKOUT #69 How Do You Develop Executive Presence?

What do KFC, Coca-Cola, and executive presence all have in common? Well, they all have a secret ingredient! And without the secret ingredient, they just won’t be the same. Executive presence might seem a little mysterious like you can’t put your finger on it exactly. Most of us can quickly identify someone who has executive […]

EQ WORKOUT #68 How to Stop Your Inner Critic

Everyone has an inner voice or inner critic that’s full of non-stop commentary. For each person, it’s a bit different, but it usually tells you messages about your worth, ability, or what will happen if you step out and take a risk. It might sound something like this: You’re going to be a failure. What […]

EQ WORKOUT #66 How to Develop Trust and Confidence in the Workplace

Trust and confidence are essential ingredients for a successful team and workplace. And right now, we need it more than ever! Our rapid pace of life and work, combined with constant change, make trust and confidence in the workplace hard to come by. But, if leaders can instill a sense of trust and confidence, they […]

EQ WORKOUT #65 Five Steps to Manage Your Emotional Triggers

All of us have different emotional triggers—things that provoke our anger, sadness, fear, or anxiety. Triggers cause us to be reactive and can make us feel out of control over our emotional responses. Instead of being triggered and reacting in a way, we might regret, there are ways to manage them. It’s possible to build […]

EQ WORKOUT #62 How To Manage Conflict and Disagreements with Colleagues

Let’s face it: conflict is just part of life. Each of us has a story of the conflict in our lives, both personally and professionally. In fact, 80% of people report having conflicts with their colleagues at work! But even though it is common in the workplace, a lot of us do not manage conflict […]