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How To Find Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

Are you working in the comfort of your own home? Did you experience a lifestyle change upon doing so? In this episode, I’ll talk about how to find a work-life balance when working from home.

How To Be More Approachable At Work

We live in a volatile world, and being approachable is one of the most important traits that we could have right now. So in this episode, I’ll show you how to be more approachable at work for a more harmonious workspace.

How Do You Read Body Language On Zoom

How many times are you on a video call? What platform are you using? In this episode, I’ll talk about how you read body language on Zoom as it is the most used video conferencing platform to date.

How Do You Show Empathy To A Customer

Showing empathy is like showing consideration and care of what people are feeling at the moment. In this episode, I will teach you how can we show empathy as a customer service representative to our customers.

How To Improve Your Body Language To Be Approachable

We think it is easy to make a conversation or even keep it going, but some people just have difficulty doing so. Have you ever talked to someone who doesn’t seem interested at all? How do we make sure that we’re not like that? Find out in today’s episode as I share with you the key components of non-verbal communication that may help you!

How To Improve Your Virtual Body Language

I think we all know why Zoom is one of the most popular word in 2020. Regardless on the platform we use for online communication, body language is still an important factor as always. In this episode, I will share the couple of ways on how to improve your virtual body language.

How To Appear More Confident At Work

Did you know that appearing to be confident actually helps you become more confident? Today’s episode is going to be all about how to appear more confident at work, and while you may already know some of these, let me go in-depth as to why you should or shouldn’t do these things.

How To Read People’s Emotions Through Body Language

We often focus on what people say, but what about what they’re not saying with words? Learning to read people’s emotions through body language can change the way you communicate and help you connect better with people. In today’s episode, I’ll discuss the 5 different channels that reveal people’s true emotions and how you can develop your skills in understanding each one.