What is a triggerprint?

Have you ever noticed an instance in your life when something that happened or was said evoked in you an immediate reaction full of emotion? Sometimes our reactions are appropriate and can help protect us but at other times that do not serve us well. These situations are called emotional triggers and for many of us, it can happen multiple times a day.

I invented the word tiggerprint to these emotional triggers. Just as each person has a unique fingerprint so we also have a unique triggerprint. What triggers me is different from what triggers you.

A critical step in fuller self-awareness is understanding our unique triggerprint so that we can become aware of situations that trigger us. Then we can choose more thoughtful responses that better serve us and those we work with.

After identifying what situations and people are triggering it is important to ask why does it evoke such a strong reaction in me? More often than not it will point to a need, value, or belief that you hold dear and which is being threatened or violated.

Find Your Unique Triggerprint

1. What situations or behaviors have you noticed emotionally trigger you?

Examples of triggers could include:

• Someone Berating Another Person

• Angry Customer

• Poor Performance From A Colleague

• Negative Comments

• Being Left Out Of The Loop

• Rapid Change

• Being Ignored


1. What situations or behaviors have you noticed emotionally trigger you? (Continued)


2. Go through each of the triggers you have identified and examine if there is an underlying need, value or belief that has been violated.

Examples of values and beliefs could include:

• Respect

• Fairness

• Feel Safe

• Loyalty

• Compassion

• Be Right

• Order

• Predictability

• Control

• Variety

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