Your Treasure Within

Within you is a treasure trove of precious gold. It is the stories of your life and your experiences. These stories are the raw material that are available to you as a leader to use in a multitude of situations. It can be very helpful to have a systematic way to capture and store your stories. The next page is a way for you to capture the highlights of your story as well as begin to think about any themes you notice and how they might be used. This will provide a list of questions for you to jog your memories so that you might generate even more stories.

It is also interesting to note that when you begin to actually look for stories in your past you also become more aware of stories that are happening all around you on a daily basis. Try and take some time every few weeks to capture them. It will make your presentations and conversations come alive


Story Title:

Try and summarize the story with a short title that will make it easier to remember. For example, “Flat Tire On Way To Meeting”

Story Summary:

You have the option of writing the full story. However, one of the great things about our personal stories is that we relive them every time we tell them, and we do not need the full text. It is best therefore to write down some notes that will jog your memory about the details of the story.

Story Theme:

What is the theme of the story? (Create other themes that best fit your stories.)

• Courage

• Coming of age

• Fear

• Death

• Freedom

• Joy

• Survival

• Loss

• Ambition

• Drive

• Love

• Resilience

• Humor

Some stories may have multiple themes. For example, Family and Courage. Depending on where you decide to store your stories you might make tags for each of these themes.

Story Use:

What are situations you might want to use this story? Where have you used it in the past?


Story title:


Story Summary:


Story Theme:


Story Use:
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