Why Is Reading Fiction Important?

We know from research that the higher the level of empathy of a leader the stronger their overall performance. One of the ways to increase empathy is by reading fiction. A great book has the power to transport us to a different world and explore different people and their points of view. As we get immersed in a book the story evokes in us some of the same emotions that are present in the story. It can be helpful therefore to spend a few moments and reflect on the characters and their emotions when we have finished a novel. Use the questions below to help in your exploration.

7 Refection Questions

1. Who were the main characters?

2. What were some of the primary emotions that each character felt as the novel progressed?

3. Were there any conflicts between the characters? If so, what emotions surfaced for each character during the conflict?

4. Which character did you feel most empathy for and why?

5. Which character did you find it hard to empathize with and why?

6. Did your feelings about any character change from the beginning of the book to the end? If so, what changed?

7. What emotions surfaced within you as you read the book?

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