Irvine’s Weekly EQ Workout

Imagine the scene. You’ve been called into your boss’ office to receive some feedback. How does that make you feel? For many of us, just that initial phrase alone will get our hearts beating a little faster in anticipation of what might follow.
The other day I woke up with a feeling of anxiety.
The other day I woke up with a feeling of anxiety.
I recently attended a conference in Las Vegas. On my way home the plane was packed.
A couple of years ago, I went to a print shop to get a quotation for a large order. When I entered the shop, the assistant was busy with another customer.
I was very blessed that a few months before the world shut down with COVID, I was able to go on a cruise with my husband and a close friend to the Western Caribbean.
We’ve all heard the expression “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.” We all know people tireless workers who follow this mantra. They get things done and they get it done right.
Every now and then there comes a movie that speaks to us on many different levels. One of them is Inside Out. As with many Pixar movies, on the surface it seems to be a wonderful children’s tale about our emotional lives except it speaks to everyone no matter what their age.
The impact of stress is felt physically, emotionally, and mentally and this seriously impacts our workplace performance. In dealing with workplace stress, two elements of emotional intelligence are critical.
Sometimes, television advertisements can strike a chord and touch the heart. One ad that really stuck with me is from Scotland. It’s been over 20 years but it still packs a punch.
It is important to note however that the type of humor is critical. Humor that demeans others A few years ago, I was coaching a team that was dealing with a lot of critical issues.
One of my favorite music groups growing up was Simon and Garfunkel. My favorite song from them was the Sound of Silence.
I am a huge James Bond fan. I still look forward to the new movies when they get released every few years and perhaps my favorite Bond film of all time is Goldfinger.
I recently released my new book Leadership Lessons From The Pub. Of course, many are curious about the connection between leadership and a pub. It’s important to understand that the pub is more than a place to go and have a drink – it’s much more than that.
While I enjoy cooking, I don’t do a lot of baking. So, I decided to bake a cake recently which seemed relatively simple. I mixed everything together and put it in a cake tin and popped it in the oven.
I was a priest for 10 years. Part of the work that I did was helping couples prepare for their upcoming marriage. We covered a lot of topics apart from the immediate details of the wedding.
I was watching a drama series on the Roman empire recently and there was a scene where a legion was about to come under attack from an avalanche of arrows.
When I was 12 my father decided to act on a dream, he had always had of buying a boat. Although he had no knowledge about how to navigate a boat, he felt sure it would be easy.
In the past few years, I had the delight of being able to work with medical leaders in the health care system.
When was the last time you read a novel that had you gripped? What was it about the story that captivated you?