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The 7-Second Reset is a practice that can be incorporated anytime and anywhere in order to change the quality of your presence, especially if you have been emotionally triggered. It gives you a chance to get out of your thinking and become more aware of your body so that you can make any adjustments that will help you have a more engaging presence. The more you use this practice the more it becomes a habit that can help you be more thoughtful in your response and have less reactive behaviors.

Second 1.

Uncross your legs and feel your feet firmly on the floor. This simple act has the power to disengage you from your mental and emotional storytelling and bring you to the present

Seconds 2..3..4 ..

Inhale deeply and begin to notice where in your body you are feeling tightness. Feel the incoming air and visualize it entering any areas of stored tension. Notice your posture. Is your body closed and in a defensive position?

Seconds 5..6..7..

Exhale slowly and begin to relax any part of your body that feel tense, your shoulders, your jaw or your chest. Adjust your posture to one that feels more engaged and open. For new habits to really become part of our daily behavior it takes 90 days. With that in mind I have created a daily email reminder to help you make the 7-Second Reset a daily habit. For more information visit: www.7secondreset.com